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There are not many new brands that make such a good first impression but the Turnon Components Bunker dropper post has done just that. A fully sealed unit featuring unique patent-pending internals and super tough wiper seals that protect against the foulest weather conditions, combined with a lightweight CNC machined buttery smooth remote lever, makes it a serious contender for the top of the dropper charts.


Beady Eye Network
Bicycle Technologies International (BTI)

Competitive advantages include dual air chambers and a fully sealed cartridge. What does that mean practically? Watch today's short video and find out!


Turnon Bunker Dropper Seatpost Review - The best dropper you’ve never heard of

Throughout our test period, the Bunker provided faultless performance. If the drop, diameter, and insertion length work for you and your bike, the Bunker is a budget-friendly seatpost that delivers smooth, set-and-forget performance that rivals the best (and most expensive) droppers available today.

IMG_2032 Large.jpeg


TurnOn Components Bunker dropper post that we have used on the Specialized Epic EVO, race bike for 2023. Perfectly sealed, low weight, a lot to like, check it out!

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